Sunday, June 29, 2008

Posts with NO information are really popular right now...

I really feel like I haven't given you any information lately. But really there are no changes going around here and I'm uninspired to write. So, you are stuck with my randomness yet again.

It's not as if we're not doing things either. It's just that we're not doing exciting things. Hopefully I'll have more to report next week when I have James with us here.

I was going to try to post a 100 random facts that very few people know about me post but when I think about the useless information I was going to give you and coming up with 100 of them just seemed pointless... Really as you would have been stuck with such tidbits as I HATE Regis Philbin with a passion for no other reason that he gets on my nerves and I won't watch anything with him in it if I have any choice in the matter. (Seriously, I didn't watch the first season of America's Got Talent - one of my few indulgent reality shows because of that). But I just don't have that much stamina for all those facts right now.

I also realize that it looks like I haven't been crafting at all, but I have been. I'm closer to finished on James' blanket but not ready to show it yet. I've also got to fix mistakes on my mom's socks that I made in the movie theater while watching the latest M. Night Shyamalan film The Happening (yes, it was good but it was Shyamalan... and that's all I can say without giving more away). I know you all are thinking that I'm not a scary movie fan but Shyamalan is more suspense than scary, he will always hold a special place in my life as my first date with Chad was to see Sixth Sense, and there's a reason I got out my knitting in the movie theater...

To prove that I'm crafting here are the first two blocks I've made for the block exchange I'm a part of:

Blocking these have made me realize that I need a blocking board with markings for things that I want an official size for. I'll have to keep that in mind the next time I have a coupon for Hancock fabrics... They are supposed to be the same size, and can be the same size, I just sorely "miss" measured when pinning out the "lace" one at least I know it will stretch to the right size, the question for me is will it stay that way once dried. I should know by Tuesday... I know I'm not supposed to block these but this is the first time I've worked with this yarn and I want to see how it behaves and if my squares will do what I want them to do. Mainly stay the size I (or the recipient) stretches them to be.

I had planned on crocheting some squares but lately I'm coming face to face with a fact about my crochet:

This should be around ten inches already and it's not... my crochet is very tight. Seems to be I'm meant to dabble in crochet and enjoy it but for my items of sustenance I am meant to knit. I no longer have a problem with that and I greatly admire those who do garments and such from crochet. I don't for see me doing that in the near future (but I won't say never as I could have a bug catch me that will change all of that).

And that will do me for today. Look for a post later this week that has a Muppet tribute to the fourth of July (I promise it will be up as it's already made scheduled to go up automatically, that's a feature I'll have to use more often...).

Enjoy your week and I'll be back soon!

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