Sunday, April 20, 2008

Whining and complaining...

Essentially, I have nothing new or exciting to report this week, or rather that can be reported. This is leaving me in a mood, a very whiny and complaining mood.

We've planted lots of flowers (well lots for us) and of course on the nice days I'm working and on the crappy days, well, I don't want to ruin my camera. So... one day I'll be able to show them to you.

Work is getting to me in some ways, mostly due to parking. Because I don't pay for parking through the week (sorry, I have other things I'd rather spend my money on) I get to ride the bus from where I park to the hospital. This adds a minimum of an extra 45 minutes on to my day once I'm there. Recently it's been much more, concentrated in the evenings. Friday I was furious as I waited longer than 25 minutes for a bus during a time when a significant number of 12hr workers get off. This was the last straw for me because in addition to the increasing time in waiting they can't even post the bus schedule for a person to see where the buses are pulling up to. I finally said something in an email to the director of parking management. (Can you tell I'm still bitter about this) We will see if anything is done about this.

I have no pictures to show of crafts as there is no discernible progress on anything that you'd be able to see.

Chad has had fun this week as we've had to purchase fun and exciting home owner items for the house - a lawnmower and a pressure washer. Other than that he's just up to his daily activities - working, practicing on his guitar, and whatever else comes to his (or my) mind.

And so you can see that if I continue on, I may just get worse and this post will get absolutely no where (can you see me climbing on my multiple soap boxes now education, medication commercials, law suit commercials, nursing degrees... can you tell I've been there a lot this past week)

So instead, I will leave you with more videos from my favorite things (Henson inspired works...) as Kelly is now looking at this with Mom and really enjoyed the last things I posted. Here's what else I can find:

Carmen as sung by an orange:

Ladybugs Picnic:

Yip Yip Monsters:

And on a completely different note (100% different) have you ever pictured Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) as Curly in Oklahoma? Never, well here you go:

Have a good week, I'm going to Asheville for my conference and I'll talk to you all later!

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