Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Is it really wednesday?

I can't even keep up with the days lately. Monday felt like it should have been Friday and today is dragging as well.

I'm sorry I sounded so cross in my last post, I was just rushed for time.

So, lets see. Asheville was nice, it was a very informative conference with a big focus on nutrition and trends. (I'll leave it at that and won't get technical). I did sit in the back of the conference room and worked on a sock at the same time (my little "travel" one) as it kept me much more focused and I was able to draw a lot more from the classes than I would have otherwise. We did have one long lunch break and I wandered around downtown Asheville for a little bit.

I really enjoyed my time wandering as well. Asheville is such an eclectic town. I passed all sorts of people on the streets including one man knitting lace without a pattern from fingering weight yarn on circulars as he waited to cross the street (non knitters I'm sorry you don't understand the excitement that this provides). All I could do was tell him that it was beautiful as I passed.

I also purchased more sock yarn and more lace weight yarn. Yes, I'm on a roll. Yes I know I currently have at least seven projects in the works. But I like it and it keeps me sane so... Hey Chad's the one who really has to put up with it.

I then made it back home (after having a nice dinner with my family in Spartanburg) and spent the weekend with Chad's family and my extended family (my grandfather and his daughter and grandson... don't expect to fully understand that statement if you don't know the situation in real life, sorry).

Chad has spent his time off doing yard work - cutting grass, making a little "patio" for the grill, putting lava drainage rock around the back of the house, etc - spending time with his family and watching movies.

I'm just back to karate (I can't believe it's a month before my next test) and knitting/crocheting. I'm finally over my mental block in my Feather and Fan shawl and am moving up the rows quite nicely.

And that will do me for now.

Hopefully soon I'll figure out what I'm doing wrong that won't allow the videos I'm making to upload to you tube and then you'll find exciting video excerpts from time to time.


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Pixie said...

We went to Asheville last year on vacation and had so much fun. I agree that it's a very eclectic, artsy sort of town. And the outdoor recreation is fantastic.
I think I even bought yarn there. But then I often plan vacations around yarn purchases (and nobody knows this but me -- and now you!).