Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I'm here. (wip wednesday)

So, obviously I haven't been in a hurry to get back as things are per usual status quo. I will have things to show soon as Chad and I did wander about taking pictures that I want to upload first and such.

Even knitting and crocheting seem to be at a stand still as I decide what to do and stall on other things. (Yes, that's the extent of the wip Wednesday update).

But really I've been thinking and pondering situations lately. Especially seeing as Ash Wednesday is today and the season of Lent has fallen upon us.

Now, I will be totally honest with you here. I am a pick and choose Catholic for various reasons but Lent is one of the things I choose to participate in. And while I didn't attend a service today, I observed and am truly going to strive to carry out my chosen goals for Lent.

This year I am:
1. Not going to snack - Yes, I choose this every year. And each year it comes off with varying degrees. Right now this is a struggle for me as I have returned to the bad habit once again.
2. Walk or do some other form of physical activity EVERY day outside of my normal activities (that means karate twice a week does not count, but adding in extra karate for at least an hour in addition to that does) - This is going to be hard and a struggle as too many times I'll tell myself I'll just do this later. Can't happen or I will fail in this.

Today I have been successful, I fasted as per guidelines, one meal with the option (that I did take) of one or two smaller meals that can not equal the amount of food I would normally eat. And I went to our amenity center for the neighborhood and used the bike for fifteen minutes and the treadmill for fifteen minutes.

Now I just have to keep it up.

I do have other things I'm thinking about but I will have to post those tomorrow, so as not to cover all my material at once.


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