Monday, June 04, 2007

Daniels Wedding

I can't believe it, they are married now! Here are some images from both the rehearsal and the wedding out of the 900+ photos that I took (and if these are what I have, I can't wait to see the photos from the professional photographer.)


Daniel and Tameeka, waiting for the rehearsal to start:

Waiting on the rehearsal:
Daniel and Grandma B.
Daniel and Dad, practicing something...
The groomsmen don't know how to be serious.
Then again, neither does the groom:
Kat gets her silliness in there too...
Look twice, this may be the only non posed picture you ever see this boy do...
And the sisters who torment me when trying to get pictures.
Then again, getting the group of us together for a picture (after the rehearsal dinner of course) proves to be difficult as well.
Waiting to be able to do their job and seat people:
The brides grandparents
Mom and Dad:
The brides parents:
Even when walking down the isle they are doing rock, paper scissors to determine who's got to do what...
Coming down the isle, looking very happy:
Scott and Brandy:
Tiggy and Kelli:
Just beautiful with her father:
Now Daniel looks happy:
A special moment:
Daniel and Kat, just after she slid his ring on:
Just after the kiss. Don't they look pleased:
And here we are preparing for a big group photo:
The rings:
Both Dad's and Kat's Uncle
Daniel's Evil Twin at the reception, recording a message to him (the "twin" was the videographer)
Having fun:
Cutting the cake:
They were very civilized, I'm so proud!

But, we lost our civilization on the grooms cake, a representation of how they met and came back together.
The toast by the Best Man, in which only the bride and groom were allowed to have champagne.

Tossing the bouquet:

The bride and those close to her:
There goes the garter:

The groomsmen have a long time to wait if James is the next one to get married.
Surprise attack from mom:
Kat is enjoying that a little too much:
The "birdseed" attendants. Kelly was upset that she was throwing birdseed at Daniel and Kat and not feeding the birds.
Off they go:

The brides father really gives it to them.
Daniel lets Kat into the car:
Only to have the Best Man take it!
A congratulatory hug.
And off they go!

And here are some of the more formal shots, and a few candids:

Kat and her proxy Erin:

The cakes, before they got to them:

The bride, her mother, and her aunt:
Brides Family:
The grooms family:
Just the siblings of the groom:
The grooms parents and grandmother:
Both parents:
Groom and his parents:
The grooms men:
And they call this Mexican Standoff:
The couple:
Brides parents:
The wedding party:

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