Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I've been Tagged!

I've been tagged by Rita a fellow KR member whose blog I have read before today (I'm such a bad lurker....) but since I haven't stopped in recently on anybodys blog I was pleasently surprised to get her comment telling me that I have been tagged.

So here are the rules:

If you get tagged you have to make a list of "six wierd things about you" on your blog. Then you have to tag 6 other people, stating the rules clearly and making a list of their names. Don't forget to let them know that they have been tagged either by leaving a comment or email.

Now, lets see if I can come up with six weird things with my brain fried after a long day of work. (And if you know me in real life I know your sitting there saying - six, you only have to say six of the many wierd things you do.) So I suppose that these would be the six weird things that stick out the most to me.

1. I talk out loud to myself and answer myself back and it doesn't matter where I am. At work I am able to pass this off as talking to the babies. Since I have been precepting a student, I haven't tried to pretend I don't do this because this way she is able to hear how I go through my thought process.

2. I can't clean up belongings of mine that I feel are personal in nature (mementos, craft items, etc) in front of other people for fear of what will be said to me. This includes my husband.

3. I start all of my craft projects with the best of intentions and stop them because I don't feel that they measure up to how I saw the project in my mind. Problem with this is that the projects are always better in the reciepients eyes than they thought it would be.

4. I yell at the tv and radio during news programs when I feel that statements being made are idiotic or there is an injustice being said. This makes me feel better.

5. I hate the feeling of matte paint or photos or any texture similar against my fingers. I avoid touching the walls in my house for this reason until I get the opportunity to paint.

6. I always have more than one tabe opened in my web browser and attempt to read two or three pages at one time.

That was a little harder than I thought it would be because I wasn't sure which things I would really be willing to share.

Now, I have to tag six people and seeing that the blogs of the KR members that I read already posted this, I get to tag my friends on myspace. Here goes:


In other news, I do have knitting content that I need to photograph and show (in which you will also see evidence of strange fact number 3) but I will delay that until at earliest late Thursday night due to the fact that I worked day shift today, have to go to a class from 3-4 tomorrow and then work night shift. (Fun, fun, but I'm not complaining much because I now don't have to do night shift for at least two weeks.)

Later all!

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Anonymous said...

Hallo again Melissa. I'm glad you decided to join the rest of us who have been tagged.
I enjoyed reading about the strange things you do but , after all, they are not that bad! Haha.
How did I get to kiss a frog?...Well it's one of those things that can happen on a warm summer night after a drink or two. Need I say more? ;)