Sunday, December 03, 2006

Not too much to report

So, there is really not much to report for the past week. Chad is currently on his rotation for work. Plus I've worked the past three days so pretty much we see each other for an hour a day and talk in passing in our minutes awake at the same time.

We are getting ready to have seven days off together and are probably taking a trip. (Actually we are supposed to but I'm not saying where to in case I jinx it and something happens that we can't go) In that case I will try to post a blog next Sunday but am not entirely sure I'll have access to a computer to be able to. I will post both before and after instead.

There will be plenty of pictures to show when we get back but until then I'll tide you over with some more pictures of mine since there is little news. These are in random order.

Briefly this picture is due to the fact that I have a tripod and wanted to play. I didn't realize how long my hair had truly gotten until I saw this pic.

A little blury, (don't tell anyone but I was trying to be artistic!) But for those who don't know that's Daniel, my 21 yr old brother, when he was here at the begining of November. For those that do know him and haven't seen him in a while, yes, he's trying to grow his hair longer and never combs it. The wind had little to do with the style.

I have this thing for taking pics of planes flying in the air. I'm so obsessed that one day I plan on going to our Tanger outlet center to sit in their parking lot and take pics of planes because the planes come in close as the prepare to land at the nearby airport.

And the bridge at just after "sunset". It's so strange but since moving here I have paid more attention to sunrise and sunset times than I ever did. That even includes for me when the light starts to change on the horizon.

That will do me for today. More exciting report at some point next week! Once again that depends on computer access.

Take care all!

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Anna said...

Hey kiddo -- if you want to see airplanes, come visit. We were sitting out on the beach, which is right next to the airfield. We saw an F-18 and one of the Blue Angels take off and buzz us, among a bunch of other planes. The Navy keeps those boys busy!