Sunday, December 17, 2006

Disney Pictures

So this week was, Disney at the begining and work at the end. That's for both Chad and I. Plus, while I'm off today I'm working on Christmas presents. I have to wrap and I have one person that I still have to figure out what to get. My first idea fell flat...

Work has been interesting this week and I am now the primary nurse for one little baby whose birth weight is just over one pound. Unfortunately with HIPAA that is all that I can say. It is also unfortunate enough to say that we have several babies whose birth weight is just over one pound. I love my work but it is very heart wrenching at the same time.

For those who don't know primary nursing is where I take care of the same patient the majority of the time that I come into work. In neonatal nursing this can be very important as one or two nurses get to know the patient and family very well and pick up on all the little things.

I suppose this means it is now time to move onto other subjects, such as Disney Pictures. I'll share a few today and share more later and I'll try not to bore you especially seeing with the amount of pictures that I took that I could be considered that pesky relative who wants you to see everything including the rest rooms at the welcome center (no, I did not take pictures of those).

I'll leave the hotels we stayed in and dinner show we went to for another time. This will be strictly parks. So, here we go!

The first park we went to was Animal Kingdom. This has to be one of my favorites. Some of these pictures are from the last day that we went though (that's why you don't remember one or two of them Gina).

One more note, some of these will be very simply labled.


I can't remember what type of bird this is but this was an opportune shot that he flew down beside me and I was able to get him walking around.

A street performer. She was very elegant and graceful in the little bit that we stopped to watch.

Chad and me. Chad and Gina!
The Tree of Life, the center of Animal Kingdom.

Next we went to MGM.

Mickey's Hat...

And if you know me you know I was adamant to see Hensons last project that he worked on while alive. This is the fountain outside of Muppet Vision 3-D.
The next images are from MGM's Fantasmic Show. The animation images you see are a little blury because the animation is projected onto walls of water.

The next day we went to The Magic Kingdom:

Opening of the park for the day:
Decorated for the holidays:
Cinderella's Castle, albeit under repair (there was a crane with painters working on the spires while we were there):

Walt and Mickey:
Street Performance:
In Minnie's House:
The Sword in the Stone:

It's a Small World:

Our third day at Disney, Chad and I had the morning alone and went to Downtown Disney and back to Animal Kingdom. This is Lego sculptures at Downtown Disney:

And the last place we went to was Epcot both in the morning and for the show that night:

The show is a combination of fireworks and images projected onto the continents on a globe:

Christmas decorations:

And I'll leave you with those although to me it doesn't feel as if I've shared anything. Talk to you all later!

I CAN NOT believe that next Sunday is Christmas Eve... What has happened to this year?

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Pink Dandelion said...

There's something so magical about a Disney theme park... I've been to disneyland several times, there's something about the atmosphere, I don't quite know what it is - but it never gets old. I always long to go back... lol

Christmas time there is especially magical!! It looks like you enjoyed yourself! :-D