Friday, July 07, 2006

Summer Lazieness

Okay, okay. I did try to post pics for Sarah's thirteenth birthday and I'll get them up at another time. When I'm at home though, blogger's being picky and not publishing.

Right now I'm at work. And I know I need to give you all a general update. I'm going to do a lot better at this than I have been once I return from my family reunion. But it's still two weeks (well, a little more than that) until that time.

We've had general trips to Anderson and things have been well with that. Right now Nick is with us and Andrew will come on Sunday.

My family drew names for our Christmas exchange and this year Chad and I have Daniel and Kat. This can be so much fun.

I'm doing well at work and can not believe that in September I'll have been here one year. My hire date is easy to remember because that's my dad's birthday.

I know I promised creative writing and actually I have been writing. But I've been writing fan-fiction about the muppets. (Big cheesy smile here.) I'm doing a little knit and crochet and we are browsing houses but won't get serious until September.

I'm putting together photo projects and still taking lots of photos.

Other than that, nothing much.

Later all, sorry summer heat and hummidity (or whatever excuse you want to put in there) is making me slack!

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