Monday, July 31, 2006

Hello Again.

So, I spent July being lazy and even went on my whirlwind vacation. Now it's back to work and trying to buy a house.

Chad and I met with Jeff, our realtor, to set things in motion this morning. The next step, barring any complications, is to go to the office that is selling the houses in the neighboorhood (it's a brand new neighboorhood, a production home basicly) sometime around the 16th of this month when we have the earnest money (money that tells them we are serious about buying a house) completly together.

Needless to say buy a house is a much more complicated process than I think it should be and half of what I think something should be (such as a Buyer's agreement) is not at all what I thought.

Oh, well, such is life. As more things develop I'll keep you updated and when we know if it is official, I'll get pictures to show.

Work wise things are going well. I'm starting to branch out and be on a couple of committees, otherwise it's just the usual.

But I know that you really came for the pictures and here they are (Sorry about the size, but blogger's not cooperating and I don't want to go through getting my url's again):

The mountains on the drive up:


The covered bridge and horses at the Wilstem Guest Ranch in Paoli, IN:


Ahh, the family:






Downtown Louisville, KY - my parents hometown:


The birthplace of Kentucky Fried Chicken:


Somehow, I can always find Henson related things (on I-26 near Ashville on the way back):


Oops, a little tilted photo of the Biltmore as we drove by it (you're not allowed to take photos inside the house thanks to STUPID people!):


At the Biltmore Estate:





One of the best photos of Chad I think I've been able to get:


And the final vacation photo of a rabbit at my father-in-law's:


One thing that drove me crazy on this vacation is the fact that "the boys" Nicolas and Andrew, hated the fact that I took so many pictures and then would criticize me for missing what they thought were good shots (and I'm sure some of them were, but since they couldn't see what my zoom lens was focusing on I don't think they should say that). I guess Chad has just had more time to accept the pictures that I take. I know though that if it wasn't for digital I would not be this into photography.

Well, later everyone!

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Amanda said...

I love the one of your mom and dad.....your mom is looking at the camera with that classic mom look....the one that says, "I can see you" LOL :)