Friday, June 09, 2006

Brain is gone . . .

A lot of times I keep the tv on just for background noise (sometimes I'm not in the mood for music and a lot of the time I can't stand radio stations anymore) when I don't hant to pay attention to things etc, etc.

So, tonight I've tuned to animal planet and my gaze is caught by a commercial for Romeo and Juliet. That's right Romeo and Juliet that takes place in the monkey world.

And do you want to know what my first thought was? (Doesn't matter if you want to or not, I'm telling you)
"Wow, so two monkeys really go off and commit suicide!"

Yup, I'm to far gone but due to that thought I just may have to tape it and watch it to see how Romeo and Juliet like it is.

Anyway. I'm off to cook dinner. Wish me luck with not messing it up!

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Amanda said...

Oh geez......