Sunday, May 21, 2006


Just the random wanderings of my mind:

So, here I am, after a 1 hour nap and getting up at 2pm yesterday to turn my world back around. On top of that Chad has left for his training and I'm stuck here. (He gets to see NYC, he has no care to see NYC, I'M THE ONE WHO WANTS TO DO THAT!) Oh, well, he'll take me there one day.

Now, from thoughts about NYC I drift away to how I want to go to DC again. Desperatly. Especially since learning about the exhibit about Jim Henson that is in the Simthsonian right now through the beginning of September.

Henson takes me back to Sesame Street and the Yep-Yep aliens, as seen here:

That has me thinking about the rumor I heard about a Sesame Street Nostalgia Box set . . . I've got to find out more.

From there I want to just not have to think so that leads me to - knitting and crochet. Yes, I'm slowly working on projects. Here's the crochet stitch on one of my projects:

And from there I'm tired and sleepy and will leave you to wonder just what the heck I'm going to come up with tomorrow!

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