Friday, April 14, 2006


Now that blogger will let me post I'll update you.

First, crafting news:

This is a crochet strip that I'm trying to decide whether to continue or frog and do something else with the yarn.

And knitting wise, I'm attempting another pair of socks. (I've only ever made one pair).

Next up - my favorite time in television:
This is the time of year when the history and discovery channels run multiple specials about Jesus, the disciples, and the passion. (I know they play more through the year but most of the time I'm working and it's only one every so often. Not like now, where you have multitude upon multitude of them.)

I love this time. And I'm always amazed at how threatened people can get by science. I've been told all sorts of things about the fact that I listen and form opinions on these shows. But then again I do live in the buckle of the bible belt, although it's better in the low country than it was in the upstate.

So, watching and contemplating this information has kept me from blogging and crafting because I use all my mental skills to evaluate what I'm told.

Third, I have quetions to answer that were posed to me awhile ago.

1. What is your biggest pet peeve?
-You really expect me to have just one. Most of the time I can't even think of them until I'm in a situation where they are showing up. But I can be very opinionated and when I'm on my soap box about pet peeves you see just how so I can be.
Right now I think the biggest one has to be ignorance by choice and this means that people have the ability to comprehend something, the resources through which to find out about something, and choose to continue to follow sterotypes and/or not learn about what it is they need to. Then they try to speak on the subject and have no clue what they are saying or they keep prejudices because they are comfortable with it.

2. What really happened?
- About what, when, huh? To who asked me this, I wish you would clarify.

3. What's your secret desire?
- To be able to write a novel. Every time I start I feel like I have lost my ability to communicate effectively and I stop. I guess I'm just chicken.

4. Why a neonatal intensive care unit?
- I was drawn there. I can't explain it. When I toured the one in Greenville in school I just had a feeling that I needed and wanted to be working in one.

5. How devout are you?
- In Catholicism, not very. I'm pick and choose, meaning mostly that I agree with some things but not with others so I follow what I want.

6. What's your favorite childhood memory?
- Right now I would have to say that it was family gatherings with us, the Blantons, and the others that would come.

7. What's a silly thing you do that others don't know about?
- Umm, Dance around the apartment when Chad's not home with all the windows closed. I like to think I can, but I have no skill and it's not a pretty site.

That's all for now. Keep sending the questions. I'll anwer again when I have some more!

Have a good day all. And if I don't post before then (due to work) have a wonderful Easter!

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