Monday, April 03, 2006

A meme

I had to search through the files of blogs to come up with a meme that I hadn't answered, but I did it!

So, here we go:

1. What is the name of your signifcant other?
Chad Thomas
2. When did you get married?
May 10, 2003
3. How long were you together before hand?
3.5 years (We started dating August 13, 1999)
4. Where did you meet?
At our high school through his older brother
5. What was your first date like?
We went to see the sixth sense and to dinner at Tuckers, it was very nice
6. Who made the first move?
I did
7. What was your proposal like?
very mixed up and I won't embarass him by putting that story on here
8. How long were you engaged?
I think it only ended up being seven days in the end
9. What were the colors of your wedding?
Didn't really have colors
10. Who did you have in your wedding?
Mr. Motes was the pastor who married us, Mary Ann who by all purposes is esentially my aunt, and Chad's stepfather
11. Do you still talk to your bridesmaids/goomsmen?
12. Where did you go for your honeymoon?
Five months later we went to DC
13. How long did you spend there?
Four Days
14. What did you do?
Toured the city - Went to Smithsonians, the Holocaust Memorial Museum, the monuments, walked by the White House, went to the zoo, etc
15. How long have you been married now?
Will be three years in May
16. If over a year, what was your first year like?
Fun and interesting. Learning what it takes to live with someone other than family and to be "independant"
17. Where did you get married?
On the deck my father built in the backyard
18. How many guests attended?
I think 20-30
19. Was it the wedding of your dreams?
Yes, it was

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