Monday, April 17, 2006

A little bit homesick

I'm feeling a little bit homesick and lonely lately. Schedules vary so much of the people I've met here for me to be able to get together with anyone and on top of that I'm now on the money diet because I really want a house so badly that I'm not willing to give up one cent if possible so that we can save it (just ask Chad, I've been turning down IHOP, FRESH seafood, craft stores, and other favorites of mine because I'm determined to do this right).

So, I'm off to fold laundry and then organzie my crafting supplies in my dungeon (the second bedroom) so I can utilize them and plan out projects. I want to be productive in my four days off and not just talk about it.

I'm trying to change my attitude and just get things done instead of procrasting anymore. Wish me luck.

Later all!

P.S. And if that's the case than I should attack some meatballs for my FSM after completing the household chores!!

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