Friday, March 10, 2006

They mock me

See these geese:

They mock me.

They have locked onto my mind waves and know what they can do to make me long for my camera when there is no way that I can get it to take beautiful pictures.

You think I'm kidding. That picture was taken from my balcony on the same day I got my new lens.

That had been the closest I could get to them.

Every time I walk out with a destination and have the camera at home (you know, because it's dangerous to take pictures while I'm the driver) they are right there, 50-100 feet away from me with beautiful poses.

Then I thought I was going to win the battle. When I came back from running errands with Chad they were in the pond beside our building, swimming peacefully. So I ran upstairs and grabbed the camera and came back down to discover . . .

They had disappeared. Took me a few minutes but I then discovered them back behind the building on the other side of the pond.

And I was finally able to snap some pics of them:

They must not have liked that though. Tonight while I was helping Chad move the satellite dishes to a better location on the balcony they flew by in perfect coreography and landed on the pond opposite balcony (the one you all have seen in previous pictures). I was holding the dishes so I couldn't get the camera to snap more shots.

Woe is my luck. They must be investigating me for the duck union. I just hope they are not about to send the penguin brigade in on me.

I'll have to ask Daniel, he's got an in with them.


Sorry, all. See what night shift does to me. At least Daniel will enjoy the post. I hope you all at least enjoyed the pictures.



Dag Erik Nygaard said...

Nice pictures :) Keep up the good bloggin' ;)

Pink Dandelion said...

beautiful pics! Sorry the subjects are so irritating though ;)

No, I'm sure you don't want to see the penguin bregade! Those are tough little fellas...