Friday, March 31, 2006

More pics

Right now I'm concentrating my efforts on pictures that I have found in my belongings. Bittersweet memories and fun times I had forgotten are flooding my mind. In the coming weeks, after I have my pictures scanned and then put in albums, I'll show you some of my creative writings and more unusual things I have saved.

In crafting news, FSM is coming along well, I'm ready to make meatballs! Then I've got to find my wire (in that mess of my second bedroom) and get some googly eyes. At that point his noodly appendage will reach out and touch someone special!

Okay, so here are more pics I have spent time with today:

Chad and I about three weeks after we started dating. So this would have been 09/1999

Me in the Miss Westside pagent (I'll have to post about that one day) performing a monologue. Speech (interpretation) was my forte. I wish it could be again sometimes.

My hs bestfriend and me on her aunt and uncles water ski.

Again, me, my hs best friend (she's my sister-in-law now for those who don't know), and Leslie, whom I wish I knew better and hope that we can reestablish our friendship.

If you would like copies of my pics if you know me message me and I'll email them to you.

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