Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Today is Ash Wednesday, the begining of Lent. Even though I'm a pick and choose Catholic, this is one process that I participate in and always have. From the fasting to giving something up, to abstaining from meat on the proper days, and preparing myself for Easter, I "celebrate" the season.

This year is no exception and I have decided that I will abstain from meat as much as possible (the modern day requirment is to abstain on Ash Wednesday and all Fridays between now and Easter). I will also give up snacking.

In addition I want to loose one clothing size by the time this is over so I should avoid sugar where I can (you know, use splenda instead of sugar in my drink mixes).

I have one grace period during this time. This grace period means I will be allowed to snack and not worry about sugar. (According to the items I read you used to be able to "skip" your lenten promise during feast days, well I'm not doing the feast days but combining one celebration.) That will be when my family is here on the 12-16 and when I go to see them for the round up of birthdays at the end of the month. (My birthday is the 20th, then we have one of my brothers on the 31st and two of the girls on April 2nd and they're not twins).

And Chad wants it made known that he will be eating a big steak while I watch eating a small salad.

Talk to you all later.

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amanda said...

LOL Go Chad! I'm with him. I had a friend whose boyfriend gave her up for lent. Hmmmm....