Thursday, March 16, 2006

I love my family but . . .

I actually had to break down and take a nap after hubby went to work and I had heard that they were home safe and sound. I despise taking naps!

We had so much fun though. We went to Patriots Point one day, the Aquarium the next day, and on the final day of touring we split during the first part and some of us went to Fort Sumter, others went back to the Aquarium (and I can go back when I want since mom put my name on the membership), then we went to the beach, and then back to downtown to walk around for a little.

We saw dolphins (well maybe porpoises but who can tell for sure with the flashes that we got) playing in the harbor when we went to the Aquarium and when we visited the waterfront park while walking around downtown.

I really had fun and my siblings we overall very good. Kelly was the best, just went with us doing whatever and enjoyed herself. I go back to Anderson in about two weeks to pick up stuff out of my parents attic and celebrate the multitude of birthdays.

As for my mom's blanket, well, remember this:
It didn't work. Even after blocking. The yarn just didn't want to be a blanket. So, I made a fleece blanket to match her couch. I'll show an example later, but I didn't take a picture of it. (The example will be the blanket my mom made for me)

I am now moving onto other projects but shhhh, they're presents. I won't say for who or for when because I have this thing about deadlines. But I will have other projects to show soon.

Enjoy these pictures in the meantime and I will have more of our pics later (thank God for digital because I took 1334 pics while they were here). Take care all!

These pics are in no particular order AT ALL. Just which ever way blogger wanted to organize them. I will explain what they are.

Overlooking the flight deck of the Yorktown.

The submarine at Patriots Point.

Patriots Point on the Yorktown.

A cannon at Patriots Point.

The Yorktown.

An anteater (Just for Daniel!)

Isle of Palms Beach.
The pineapple fountain my mom some how missed seeing at waterfront park.

A seahore at the aquarium.

River otters at the aquarium.

The best pic I have of a dolphin cutting through the water.


A view inside Fort Sumter.

Dolphins in the harbor.

At the entrance to Fort Sumter.

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Pink Dandelion said...

WOW! Ya'll covered a lot of territory!