Friday, February 03, 2006

Life is Beautiful

Has anyone else that reads this seen the Italian movie Life is Beautiful? I've just watched it for the second time and am now having mixed emotions about it. I'm interested to hear what your opinion is on it if you have seen the movie.

Warning if you don't know it. The movie is stated to be a comedy about the Holocaust. Yes, you read that last sentence correctly.

I don't want to give away anything about the movie if you haven't seen it so email me you opinion if you know the movie and I'll discuss it with you. I will say that I am awaiting a response from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum about the movie before I post about it in my filing cabinet. (Which, I don't know if I updated here last time but now I have some not so well written reviews about Jakob the Liar, The Island, The Excorcism of Emily Rose, and Kicking and Screaming. I will be updating about Hoodwinked and I think one or two other movies over the weekend.)



Amie said...

You're waiting for a response? What did you send them in the first place?

I saw the movie years ago, when it first came out, and honestly this far out down remember much. I would like to see it again, though.

Melissa said...

I have just asked them what the response is over all from the Jewish community. It will take them awhile to get back to me but the researchers at their library are very good about it. I've asked many questions before and they've always responded.