Friday, February 10, 2006

Cypress Gardens in Monks Corner

I went back to the Cypress Gardens for my photo spree and this is part of what I came back with:

First the ruins that I show you in this picture, now look like this:

I don't know if the gardens are preparing for another movie or what's going on. I couldn't get an answer.

Then this is a veiw of the swamp:

Untouched water:

A camellia blown onto the trail:

A sign of impending spring:

Standing guard over the graves of the people (and animal) who made the gardens possible:

One of the graves:

Flowers in butterfly house:

A turtle that always makes me smile because it looks perpetually happy, the Matamata:
A very fat frog (actually it's and African Bullfrog) just chillin:

And something that I would not want to meet in the wild:

And just to be sure in the event that these photos didn't cover me for random photo Friday, here is a picture of Pasha with her new boyfriend, Parker:
Now, he's not knitted because I found him while unpaking boxes. I had previously bought him from a zoo that I took my siblings to one time.

Hope you enjoyed! I'm sure I'll be back on posting opinions and such later because I'm talking to the television waaaaaaaaaaaay to much tonight.

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vi said...

oh man I love the penguins.....
I wanted to see that movie when it came out....
maybe we will actually get to see it if it comes on cable.....
( if we actually remember to put the tv up's only be out since october.....but I don't watch tv anyway)