Sunday, January 01, 2006

100 Random Facts You May or May not Know

In what I hope to become a New Years tradition that I take the time to look at what I know and will admit about myself, I give you 100 Random Facts that you may or may not know about me. The statistics, the mundane, the weird, and the boring, all 100. Enjoy!

(Or, I suppose you can fall asleep now and save yourself the time.)

1. My birthday is March 20, 1982.
2. That birthday will always and forever be during Lent.
3. As much as I may complain about it I do better being hermit like.
4. I'm starting to scare Chad with my interest in things I liked from childhood.
5. If I could meet one person dead or alive it would be Jim Henson.
6. I am really that picky about my movies, tv shows, comedy, etc. There are few exceptions that I find I like when I thought I wouldn't.
7. Those exceptions include South Park (most of the time), X-Men, and The Bob and Tom Show.
8. I don't know what to do with all my free time (four days off a week) but I'm not using it effectively.
9. My favorite color is hunter green.
10. Passing the NCLEX for the SC State Board of Nursing is the accomplishment I am most proud of.
11. I did not tell any of my family or co-workers that I was going to take the boards when I did.
12. It was agonizing to wait for two days to find out if I had passed.
13. I'm scared of the responsiblities it has brought on.
14. I do not carry a purse when I am walking around in busy places - Downtown Charleston, Washington DC, etc.
15. I long to go back to Washington DC on vacation.
16. I would love to go to NYC on vacation and see several Broadway shows.
17. I don't think that I'm as smart as most people percieve me to be.
18. I don't think my vocabulary is abnormal but I have been informed otherwise.
19. I can spend hours trying to find websites about the things I remember from growing up.
20. I enjoy The Black-Eyed Peas music.
21. I still have dreams about writing the novels I thought up in high school.
22. I don't talk to anyone that I thought I would from high school.
23. I don't consider that a huge loss anymore.
24. I will go into craft stores just to look even when I have no intentions of purchasing anything.
25. I want to learn to sew.
26. I contemplate taking up quiliting in addition to my other crafts.
27. I fear I am becoming the old lady Chad says I am.
28. The only show I watch that is currently in production is Ghost Whisperer.
29. I only partially watch that (meaning I've missed more episodes than I've seen.)
30. I completley reprogrammed my radio when the stations I preferred to listen to switched to twenty four hours of Christmas music straight the first weekend in November.
31. I currently weigh over CCXVIII lbs. (no I will not tell you how much I really weigh)
32. I spent new years eve of 2000 laying in my bed listening to the radio count down.
33. I can't believe it has almost been six years since I graduated high school.
34. I feel really stupid when I think about that.
35. I did not understand how many people have no common sense until I started working at AnMed.
36. I still find that reality hard to believe.
37. I try not to force my profession on others (unless your my Mother and develop a severe allergic reaction to shellfish).
38. If I could travel out of the United States only one time it would be to Europe to tour WWII sites such as Aushwitz, the Anne Frank House, Berlin, and others along that line.
39. I remain pick and choose in my religous beliefs because I believe in Divine Intervention.
40. I'm starting to fear that my family is correct - I will only like a movie or something if someone dies in it.
41. I can not think of one thing that I have always liked that disproves that statement.
42. I don't have enough knowledge about the subjects (world history, current events, beliefs) I think I should.
43. I could eat tacos and pizza everyday.
44. I still believe that McDonalds has some of the best burgers. When you crave it there is no substitution.
45. If my camera were not digital I would not take nearly as many pictures.
46. I am trying not to become the computer geek at my new job.
47. I hate that the established nurses in the unit will not use the technology provided to them by MUSC.
48. I never dreamed growing up that I would live in Charleston.
49. I wish South Carolina recieved actual winter weather.
50. I have never made a snowman that did not include mud, leaves, and twigs in it.
51. I can not control crying at movies and Oprah as I used to be able to.
52. I only seem to suffer from "diseases" that are traditionally elderly.
53. I have been kept out of work by the doctor before for bursitis.
54. I have been to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum twice.
55. I was very surprised to discover that the White House is not on a block by itself when we walked by it.
56. I annoy Chad when I'm ready to talk as he wants to fall asleep.
57. I never thought I would be willing to go to bed before 10pm.
58. Working 12 hour shifts from 7am to 7pm will change that.
59. If Chad's not home I will spend the morning watching the DIY network.
60. I don't have any favorite sport's teams.
61. I really love to listen to Josh Groban sing, even if I have no clue what he is saying.
62. I have never seen Gone With the Wind.
63. I always become upset when books that I've read are turned into movies.
64. The only movie I believe to be better than the book that I am aware of at this time is Fried Green Tomatoes.
65. I hate to clean in front of other people.
66. This includes Chad.
67. I do not know why but that might have something to do with the fact that I am a pack rat.
68. I still have things in my parents attic.
69. These "things" include toys, stuffed animals, and rubber maid totes of awards that I won through elementary school.
70. Despite winning very few speech competitions, I still love the fact that I was so involved with the interpretation and speech part of speech and debate.
71. It's very interesting to finally be old enough to understand all the jokes on The Cosby Show.
72. I still know the theme songs (opening and closing) to The Elephant Show.
73. Daniel and I get along now but only when talking about technical things or things we remember from our childhood.
74. When Daniel and I do get talking about these things we will talk for an hour or longer.
75. The song that Chad and I consider "our song" is Take My Breathe Away.
76. There is no particular reason for that other than we both like the song and chose it.
77. I'd love to learn to ballroom dance.
78. I never made it past four years in Girl Scouts.
79. I still remember the first boy who had a crush on me at the same time I had a crush on him.
80. I sometimes wonder what happened to him because life already wasn't fair by the time he was starting sixth grade.
81. He was the only other boy/man I told I love you that I am not related to in some form or fashion.
82. I only like to create scrapbooks on the computer and print out the pages.
83. I taught myself to knit from a book.
84. I would like to do more bead loom work but can't find designs that I like.
85. I'm to critical of my own designs.
86. While I will cross stitch, I don't enjoy it as much as I thought I would.
87. I will cross stitch anything before I do another latch hook rug kit - those are too tedious for me.
88. I correct people about the differences between knit and crochet.
89. I also make items out of clay.
90. I am planning to slowly start making any Christmas presents I want to make and give this year by January 8.
91. I still can't bring myself to spend more than $8.00 on a single unit of yarn.
92. I wrote out my New Years Resolutions this year.
93. I'm glad three of my siblings have birthdays within three days of each other, it gives me an excuse not to work on April Fools Day.
94. I am very happy that the nurses of MUSC did not choose white as the primary color to wear when we are required to go to "uniforms."
95. I hate sweet potatoes and olives of any kind.
96. I still do not have to wear glasses and discovered that the few times I did "need" glasses was more than likely related to my vertigo caused by my Meniere's disease.
97. My favorite animals are frogs, elephants and penquins.
98. I'd be happy on a deserted island if I had yarn, hooks, needles, and a radio.
99. I like Linkin' Park.
100. I think I'm a really boring person.

And as an added bonus:
101. I never thought I would come up with 100 random things about myself.

Later all!

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