Friday, December 30, 2005

For anyone with half a brain . . .

Let me use this so that you can set the record straight for people who CHOOSE to be ignorant:

In MOST cases (there are a few states where this is not true) the only difference between the associates degree nurse (ADN) and bachelors degree nurse (BSN) that takes care of you is the fact that the BSN is more desirable for management positions LATER in their career.

If this were not the case the NATIONAL Council for State boards of Nursing (NCSBN) would not allow ADN and BSN nurses to take the same licensure test (regardless of what state you are testing for it is the same test) other wise known as the NCLEX.

Let me repeat that for you ADN and BSN nurses take the SAME NCLEX and only differ in who will be picked for management first.

A new ADN and BSN nurse start off in the same positions needing to gain the same expirience and skills. This not make the new ADN and BSN nurses "bad" you will find your care to be just fine underneath both of them. They may know more effiecient ways to accomplish something than the expirienced (2 or more years in the field) nurse. This in no way negates the expirienced nurse either. Both have many advanatages and disadvantages. Besides, everyone had to start somewhere.

So, until the ADN and the BSN nurse take different licensure examinations this will remain to be the truth! Be happy about it, we are all here to care for you.

Climbing off my soap box now. I wasn't "fussed" at today by the visiting MD (from another country) for having my ADN but someone else working in the unit was. And as I said before until we take different tests, you don't have a valid argument.

Night all. Talk to you later.

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